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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a ‘method of exercise’ named after the late Joseph Pilates.


What differentiates Pilates from other forms of exercise is primarily its holistic approach and its combined training of mind and body to achieve correct postural alignment. This approach to healing injuries makes Pilates a method, not just a random collection of exercises.The aim of Pilates is to achieve a strong and naturally aligned body.


Core stabilisation is the focal part of Pilates. It could be described as building a strong centre. Essentially this means creating a circle of strength around the centre of the trunk, as these muscles are fundamental to the health of the whole body. Strengthening  these muscles protects the spine whilst allowing you freedom of movement and the ability to control the upper and lower body. This is why Pilates is highly recommended by physiotherapists and osteopaths alike.



Lengthens short tight muscles (e.g. hamstrings)

Strengthens weak muscles (e.g. abdominals, legs, back, arms)

Improves quality of movements (e.g. frozen shoulders, arthritic knees)

Improves co-ordination

Relaxes the build-up of stress and tension

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