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Success Stories


I have always been very into keeping fit and eating healthily. About 2 years ago I started to do a little Pilates which I enjoyed but found tricky. I decided that I would like to find a Pilates class and my friend introduced me to Rachael. Rachael’s classes completely exceeded my expectations as the sessions are completely tailored to your individual needs. If you want to  be pushed, she will push you, if you want to focus on an injury she will provide you with exercises in a safe way, if you want to stretch and relax you can do that too. Rachael’s knowledge of the body and how Pilates can complement it, is second to none. I have found that my core strength and overall flexibility has massively improved. I run regularly and since starting with Rachel I can run faster and longer.  I particularly like the fact that she knows which muscles I will have overworked during the week and she then knows exactly how to counteract the damage I may have done. Yet she does all of this in a relaxed, approachable, and fun way, so that you do not even notice when you are working hard. Rachaels sessions are one of the highlights of my week. 

Dr C Kaye 

Spinning and running have been part of my life for years, but until I joined Rachael's classes I was plagued by aches and minor injuries. I was doing some stretching but I really did not know what my body needed to counteract the toll my exercise was taking. Rachael really understands and asks me how my body is each time I have a class and then gets me working on the areas which need attention. Without exception after her classes (whether at home or in the studio) I feel my body is back in balance and my core is much improved. I can enjoy my other exercise and do not have the recurring niggling issues I had before. 

Caroline Lawrence

Almost 2 years ago I started pilates to help heal a shoulder injury, I had never been too keen because I lacked co-ordination and suppleness. Initial studio work was a real challenge, but with Rachael’s carefully planned programmes and firm encouragement I soon made notable improvements. My injury healed rapidly and I subsequently noticed far fewer running injuries and a significant shift in my core muscle strength and stability.  Unexpectedly, regular pilates sessions meant that I could run greater distances and faster.

I find Rachael to be an outstanding teacher, her sessions live or online are supportive, flexible, intense and enjoyable. Rachael uses continuous careful body correction and brilliant explanations that really stick in your mind. Pilates has helped me to be aware of new muscle groups and to use careful breathing to enhance my results, my body has changed shape and feels stronger and healthier than ever.  Rachael’s passion for pilates is infectious and I cannot recommend her more highly.

Lisa Kassapian 

Rachael was recommended to me a few years ago by my physiotherapist and has been a godsend! I suffer with scoliosis and have had back pain regularly for half my life (I'm 50 now). Over the last few years with Rachael's help, I've managed to learn to live with and better control the tightness in my back; she proactively looked into 'scoliosis and pilates' to better help me, and from day 1 helped me learn to lengthen my muscles to relieve tension. Her focus on each client as an individual with specific needs makes her stand out from the crowd, and her no-nonsense approach will bring results in to time! Her studio is so well equipped and lots of fun to try!

Anastasia 2021

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