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Covid-19 Policy

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic I will be undertaking the following changes to ensure that your Pilates class is conducted in a safe and effective way.


  • I will check my temperature daily. My studio will be well ventilated between sessions, and weather permitting, the bi fold doors will remain open throughout your class. The air purifier (which cleans the air 14 times per hour) will be in operation throughout the whole day and please note that it is safe to use  in conjunction with the air conditioning system.

  • After each session,  I will clean all large apparatus and then spray the equipment with a specific COVID antiviral spray. All small equipment and props will be steamed and placed in the UV Sanitiser unit. I will supply towels which will be washed on a very hot wash after each use.

  • All clients will have an assigned plastic box which will contain all small props such as hand weights, bands,  an over ball, magic circle, handles and straps for the reformer. These props will not be shared throughout the class .Foam handles used on the Reformer, Ped I Pull or Baby Arm Chair will be covered by a disposable protective barrier tape which will be discarded after each use. 

  • All 'touch areas' such as light switches, door handles, door locks, sink and taps, soap dispenser, sanitiser pump, toilet seat and flush( in the bathroom), utility room and studio will be wiped with the COVID antiviral spray after each session. A basket with Antiviral spray, wipes and sanitiser can be found in the hallway should clients prefer to wipe any touch areas  before they enter the bathroom. Paper towels have replaced fabric towels.

  • Classes have been reduced from 4 people per hour to either 2 or 3.

  • The studio has been divided into 'sections' and the equipment adequately spaced apart to allow clients in a Trio or Semi Private class to be 2m distance apart.

  • Clients will be assigned a 'designated area' of the studio with which they will stay throughout the duration of the lesson.

  • Extra time has been allocated  between each session to allow enough time to ventilate the studio and to thoroughly clean all equipment , bathroom and utility room.

I would like to request your cooperation with the following procedures:

  1. Consent to having your temperature taken with a Non-Contact infrared Thermometer & log in using the NHS COVID-19 app.

  2. Remove shoes upon entering the building and  wash then sanitise hands thoroughly before entering the studio.

  3. After your class, please wash and sanitise hands again before you leave.

  4. Avoid touching your face.

  5. Arrive no more than 5 mins before your start time and ensure you arrive and leave in your work out gear.

  6. Leave shoes and coats in the hallway , and place your handbag/belongings in the plastic box that will be provided.

  7. Wear fresh clean sticky socks on the equipment. Please put on the sticky socks once inside the studio.

  8. Ensure you have printed and brought the signed COVID  19 waiver with you.

  9. Please do not congregate in communal areas and leave as swiftly as possible after your class has ended.

In addition, please contact me before coming if :

  1. You are currently experiencing COVID 19 symptoms (a dry cough, temperature above 37.8, sore throat, loss of smell and taste or diarrhoea and vomiting)

  2. Someone in your household is currently experiencing COVID 19 symptoms.

  3. You or someone in your household has officially been told to shield (you have been sent a letter from the NHS advising you to shield)

  4. You have just returned from overseas travel.

Thank you for your cooperation


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